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Why should you take engagement photos?



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Here’s this little window of time in your life. A slice of time that perhaps may be only a few months to a few years long. Not a lot of time at all, really, compared to your entire life.

But yet what happened in this small, tiny, sliver window of time is disproportionately huge. In fact, something’s happened that impacts the rest of your entire life.

In that little window of time, tiny little miracles happened. Because in that tiny little window of time, you found someone. And they found you.

You fell in love. They fell in love with you...

That’s why I can say your engagement is huge. And to photograph this historic chapter of your life, to have this time forever preserved so it’s there to be seen whenever you wish to pull back the curtain of time and revisit this time in your life and feel the emotions again... is priceless.
— G.E. Masana, The Huffington Post


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There are many reasons it's important to take engagement photos once you make it official.

Do you plan to display photos of you and your fiancé on your wedding day? Do you need beautiful images for your wedding program, wedding website, or save-the-dates? Our engagement session is one of the greatest services you and your fiancé can take advantage of prior to your wedding. We'll not only handle the photos, we can also custom design all of these items for you! 

Whether this is your first photo shoot as a couple, or you're experienced, we will guide you through a stress-free and romantic session. The engagement shoot gives us plenty of time to interact, socialize, and chat with each other so we know exactly how to get the best moments and interactions on your wedding day.



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