Clothing Guide

We hope this helps as you begin preparing for your session with us!

What to Wear, What Not to Wear

This is your moment to shine, you are the main subject! Choosing the appropriate attire is very important in photography. Solid colors that are paired with large patterns or strips will look spectacular! However, small prints and stripes may not look good in photos, this is why we recommend large patterns. If you want to achieve a dreamy look, choose pastel colors, off-whites, and soft prints. If you are wanting to achieve a dramatic look, choose colors that are bright and colorful, think bold and do not be shy when mixing colors and patterns. Nowadays there is no limit, everything is on the table, be creative!

If you want the focus to be on your attire, you must minimize accessories. They may take the spotlight away from your outfit. If you want your accessories to make a statement, wearing solid colorful clothing is an excellent choice.

Same rules apply as siblings and couples as far as color selections and accessories. You may choose one color to coordinate around, at most pick two, so you don't over do it. In the case of a family or group, less is always more. Jeans for groups shots are ideal. I suggest the mother or father to choose their attire first and work around their outfit for the rest of the family.


Unless the photo is for commercial purposes please avoid large print or articles of clothing where brands are visible.

Stay away from pure whites, off-whites and creams look best in photographs.

Absolutely no running shoes if possible. Sneakers are great but make sure they aren't the kind that look like you just got home from the gym.

Say NO to tee-shirts unless you are layering over them!

DO NOT over accessorize. Too much draws the eye away from the main subject, YOU!


For children, I recommend finding outfits with a lot of visual interest. Look for clothing with lots of textures, ruffles, layers, or create lots of different looks by layering tops, skirts, dresses, jeans, and leggings. Don't hesitate to think out of the box! Make it fun for them and don't forget they are still kids. Avoid clothing that will make the child look like an adult, unless that is what you want to portray for a specific style. 

I personally love bare feet photo shoots, but if you prefer to wear shoes look for closed toe shoes with details, color, and bling. Sandals and boots are also always appropriate for the correlating season. A fun trend for men, colorful socks with prints and patterns!

Rule number one: DO NOT TRY TO MATCH EXACT COLORS! You may coordinate colors but you do not want everyone to match exactly, it creates a flat visual without depth. The trends now don't call for matching colors, this allows for endless creativity! 

Accessories are also tricky to pair. Coordinating them equally is the best way to succeed, think flower crowns for all of the girls, not just one of them. 

Ideas for girls: flower crowns, hats, headbands, necklaces, bracelets, belts, colorful scarfs

Ideas for boys: hats, beanies, leather cuffs, watches, suspenders, belts, colorful socks